Iain McGilchrist. THE MASTER AND HIS EMISSARY: the divided brain and the making of the Western world. 597p. Yale U.P. 2009.  Amazon US & UK reviews 2009

Have you ever wondered whether popular beliefs about the two sides of our brains have any truth in them?  Have you wondered why our so-called civilisation developed the way it has?  Read more


Solveig McIntosh. HIDDEN FACES OF ANCIENT INDIAN SONG. 135p. Ashgate, 2005.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Aug. 2005

Solveig McIntosh is at once a scholar of and a practitioner in the ancient traditional music of Hindustan (North India), particularly Vedic chant.  Her PhD thesis in 1993 was entitled Gamaka and Ala˝kãra: concepts of vocal ornamentation.  This book advances from there.  Read more


Gordon Strachan. THE BIBLE'S HIDDEN COSMOLOGY.  198p. Floris Books, 2005.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Aug. 2005

We live in troubled times. ... deranged, dangerously extreme adherents of a religion which seeks to establish God’s kingdom on earth, Islam, perpetrate acts of terror ...  But the leading liberal democracy is itself now dominated by dangerously deranged extremists of another stripe.  Read more


Shulamit Elson. KABBALAH OF PRAYER: sacred sounds and the soul's journey.  171p. Lindisfarne Books (USA), 2004.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Aug. 2005

“You are not expected to complete the work, nor are you permitted to abandon it.” Rabbi Tarfon.
This prefatory quote, replete with the profundity and humour of the Jewish tradition, sets the ambience of this beautifully simple little book.  Read more


Masaru Emoto. THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER. 160p. 120illus. Beyond Words Publishing (Oregon), 2004.

This book is a little marvel.  The chapter headings tell it: Of What is the Universe Made?; The Portal into a Different World; Consciousness Creates All; The World Will Change in but a Moment; and A Smile That Fills the World. Read more


Gordon Strachan. CHARTRES–SACRED GEOMETRY, SACRED SPACE. 110p. copius illus. Floris Books, 2003.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Jan. 2004

Here is a little book which will delight anybody who recognizes the influence of the built environment, in particular anyone who has experienced the sense of space, the magnificent stained glass windows, and other appurtenances and effects of the awe- inspiring edifice which is the subject of this study. Read more


Glenn D. Wilson. PSYCHOLOGY FOR PERFORMING ARTISTS. 2nd ed. Whurr, 2002. Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Feb. 2003

This book evolved out of courses taught by the author, a distinguished academic psychologist who trained as a singer, and is intended as a complement to professional arts trainings. Read more


Paul Devereux. STONE AGE SOUNDTRACKS: the acoustic archaeology of ancient sites. 160p. Vega, 2001.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Feb. 2003

This is the first book length survey of a new direction in Archaeology.  Read more


James Beament. HOW WE HEAR MUSIC: the relationship between music and the hearing mechanism. 174p. The Boydell Press, 2001 (reprint 2003).  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Aug. 2005

James Beament is ...  A performing musician and composer as well as a former professor of biology who was involved with research into human hearing ..., he was also teacher and examiner in acoustics of Cambridge University music students.  Read more


Jonathan Harvey. IN QUEST OF SPIRIT–THOUGHTS ON MUSIC. incl.CD. 102p. music examples. U. Cal. Press, 1999.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Feb. 2003

This short book is about music as mediator, a mysterious bridge connecting the mundane world to that other realm, ... the realm of spirit.  Read more


Those following are now only of historical interest

Office of Technology Assessment. Congress of the United States. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: critical trends and issues. 342p. Pergamon & Office of Technology Assessment, 1985.  Reviewed in Online Review, 10/3, June 1986

Focussing on the United States, this book offers fascinating insights into The Big Picture,  Read more


Bruce Christie (ed.) HUMAN FACTORS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE OFFICE. 352p. John Wiley, 1985 (Wiley series in information processing).  Reviewed in Information World Review, No.7 sept 1986

Offce automation is a burgeoning theme in information technology. This book is timely therefore  Read more


David C. Genaway. INTEGRATED ONLINE LIBRARY SYSTEMS: principles, planning and implementation. 152p. Knowledge Industry Publications, 1984 (distrib Europe: Eurospan).  Reviewed in The Electronic Library, 3(3) July 1985

Here is another of those useful automation guides/handbooks from Knowledge Industry, published within the Professional Librarian Series.  Read more


Alan & Rita Shenton. THE PRICE GUIDE TO CLOCKS, 1840-1940. 541p. copius illus. Antique Collectors Club, 1977.  Reviewed in Library Review, Autumn 1978

The work is a reflection of now well established changes in collecting fashions, and supplies a decided lack, of the "handy (but authoritative) guides for collectors" variety  Read more


John R. Spencer. AN APPRAISAL OF COMPUTER OUTPUT MICROFILM FOR LIBRARY CATALOGUES: the final report ... of an investigation ... grant aided by the Office for Scientific and Technical Information.  NRCD, Hatfield Polytechnic, [1974?].  Reviewed in Library Association Record, 77(1) Jan 1975

In these times of slashed budgets, the costs and benefts of library procedures undergo close scrutiny.  Read more