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EXCEPTIONAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: TIMEWARPS? (2000, rev & updated 2009, 2013, 2015)

The experiences described here took place in England during the last 50 years, except for the last reported, which is a memory from childhood.  They seem to be thematically linked, and it is tempting to put a thoroughly esoteric construction on them.  However, any such exercise will always remain subjective—except for the fourth experience recounted here, which I shared with someone else.  The term 'exceptional' in the title refers obliquely to the prevailing reductive materialist paradigm.  Now uploaded to   The earliest version was published in Network Review: the Scientific and Medical Network Review, No.81, April 2003, under the heading 'Personal experiences'



Étienne is about eighteen, of medium build and quite good looking.  He is from the D.R.Congo.  He is trying to finish his schooling, and to learn English, at which he is slow. He lives now in the home of my brother Nick in Kampala, following a robbery which left him destitute.  His story, says Nick, has been slow to emerge, a slowness which is typical of the trauma laden refugees who enter Uganda from most countries bordering ...  read more   Published in Quaker Notes, Autumn 2004

Nick visited there in 2009.  His account is found here.



Published somewhere, around 1970, in one of those badly printed (in those days before the ubiquity of personal computers) little magazines which spring into life in big cities from time to time, exhibit odd poetry and strange graphics, and disappear after an issue or three, never to be seen again.  [I think the one in question might be the one I had been the  editor of ... ]  read more


In the mid to late 1950s my father was fulflling his lifetime ambition to build his own family house.  He acquired an isolated plot on a hill on the south going Hartfield road in Kent (Southern England), something less than an acre in extent.  South of Croydon, this was in London's Greenbelt, where building was prohibited.  But the existence of a ruin on the site ...  read more