This is the website of Clement Jewitt, PhD: composer, writer, etc.


  • descriptions of anomalous experiences,
  • a dream which woke me in paroxisms of laughter,
  • an encounter with African asylum seekers and
  • an account of the family ghost in an early part of my life.



has articles of various sizes, some published elsewhere, some not, on

  • das Bauhaus,
  • labyrinths,
  • musicmaking and mythology as reconciliation of opposites,
  • Western classical music as pattern for machinery,
  • the way we maltreat animals and the consequences of that,
  • a future vision for music and the arts (in two versions, one utilising fictional ideas),
  • a comparison of ways of working together non-hierarchically,
  • three single column articles from a magazine which folded, and
  • an early tongue-in-cheek SF short story. 

Some early articles of a severely technical nature I have not uploaded, as they suffer from the double disadvantage of historic age and specialism—and so not important enough as history.