This is the website of Clement Jewitt, PhD: composer, writer, etc.


This is not a complete list of his music, including only relatively recent pieces and those which are abidingly important, such as from winning prizes, or with which he remains reasonably satisfied. The list is divided into VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL. Vocal works include those with substantial instrumental passages as well as mandatory vocal parts, such as Chechnya Story and The Night Sea.  These sections are followed by a note about ARRANGEMENTS made by CJ.

Sample score pages will be added to the entries below, and in some cases extracts from concert programmes.  Those  marked as available from are as .PDF downloads only (sheetmusic).  They or others can be obtained from the composer via the contact page in this website as printed or directly sent .PDF scores & parts (pending the addition of download facilities on this page).  For the moment vocal pieces are not available, except for those worded by Christina Edwards, Marion Griffin, Olivia Ward, and the composer.


If You Came to My Secret Glade, (Ruth Pitter) 2010, for mezzo-soprano and piano; duration c.4'.  2017 reworked for baritone and clarinet.

The Harvest Bride, (Christina Edwards) 2007, for soprano and piano; duration c3’. To hear a sample, click here

Save now we pray, (bell hooks) 2007, for soprano and piano; duration c.2’. To hear a sample, click here.

Three Hokku on Time, (composer’s text) 2007, for soprano and flute; duration c.5-6’. To hear a sample, click here.  2017, reworked for baritone and clarinet.

He Would Send Me Running, (Marion griffin) 2007. Excerpted and arranged for soprano and piano from the 3 poem cycle And Not Another Man; duration c.2’. To hear the original with string quartet, click here.

Come With Me, (Milton Godfrey) 2007. Arranged for soprano and piano from the original choral version; duration c.4’. To hear a sample, click here.

But a Part of it All, (2 poems of James Kavanaugh) 2007. Arranged for soprano and piano from an earlier version with string trio; duration c.9’.

[Songs extracted from The Night Sea - string quartet accompanied]: The Last Invocation (Whitman), c.7'.  Rumination (Eberhart), c.2'.  The Coming of Light (Strand), c.3½'. Sample audios with the CD presentation here.

The Night Sea: fragments of an ordinary life, (Walt Whitman, Richard Eberhart, Charles Wright, bell hooks, Connie Bensley, the composer, Mark Strand & e.e.cummings) 2003-5, for solo female vocalist, male voice choir and 19 instrumentalists; duration c.50’.

Invocations to Archangels, (composer’s text) 2002. Counter-tenor, 2 tenors, baritone. Duration c.7’. For the Orlando Consort by courtesy of the Society for the Promotion of New Music.  Choral version, SATB, 2003. For the Kingfisher Chorale, who have performed it several times.  To hear the closing passage of the choral version, click here.

Chechnya Story, (after a text by Olivia Ward, award winning reporter for the Toronto Star) 1997. 2 narrators, trombone, 2 percussion, strings 4 2 2 1; duration 32’. To hear two samples, click here.

And Not Another Man, String Quartet no.1, songcycle (Marion Griffin) 1996, 3 songs. Duration c.12'. Sample audios with the CD presentation here.


Touching the Deep for orchestral strings, 2016. 5 movements continuous: duration c.22'

Touching the Deep, String Quartet no.4, 2013/14. 5 movements continuous: duration c.19'. Sample audios with the CD presentation here

Seeking, Calming, Becoming, String Quartet no.3, 2006 & 2012. 3 movements: duration c.18’. 

Little Piano Pieces for Larger People, 2011: 8 pieces in 8 different moods, 2011: durations 1-2' each.

That Which Was, String Quartet no.2, 2011, a reworking of Sonata. 4 movements: duration c.18'. Sample audios with the CD presentation here

Dance Songs, Suite 1, 2011, reworked from an idea of 1991. Duo: flute or recorders (descant, treble, tenor) and guitar: duration c 7'. 

Dance Songs, Suite 2, 2011. Duo: flute (& piccolo) or recorders (descant, treble) and guitar: duration c.6'. 

Contemplating Jupiter, 2007 (expansion of draft of 2001), for chamber orchestra: duration 12’.

“But we must still be seeking?”, 2001. Wind quintet, duration 15’. Winner of Birmingham Chamber Music Society prize. To hear a sample click here. Available from Artifex Music

Mavrud IV, 2000. Duo: recorders and percussion, duration 17'. To hear a sample click here

Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra, 1997, 1999. 3 movements, duration c.30'

Mavrud III, 1998. Duo: flute (+piccolo & alto) and percussion, duration 11'. Available from Artifex Music

Mavrud II, 1998. Duo: trombone and percussion, duration 9'.  To hear two samples click here. Available from Artifex Music.

Knit Up the Ravell’d Sleeve of Care, 1995-6. 11 bassoons, 1 contra-bassoon. Duration c.15’.  Winner of Birmingham Conservatoire composition prize. To hear a sample click here.

Threnody, 1995. quartet: bass clarinet, cello, piano & percussion, duration 11'. To hear a sample click here.

Five Bagatelles, 1995. for piano, duration 6'.  To hear part of the 2nd, click here.

Quintemplations, 1994-5, for five standard flutes, duration c.10'.  Available from Artifex Music

With Your Own Light, 1993-4. quartet, in 6 movements, for oboe & 3 percussion, duration 15'.  To hear samples from Mvt 3 and Mvt 4, click here. Available from Artifex Music.

Sonata for recorder quartet, 1991, lightly revised and polished 2009 7 2011, 4 movements, for descant, 2 trebles, 2 tenors & bass recorders, duration c17'. Download available at Tutti


More than 50 pieces from the 13th - 20th Centuries, mostly for recorder ensembles: duos, trios, quartets and larger; and for and with guitar(s), are published partly in related groups (e.g. motets, pavans, suites), partly as individual works.  Dunstable, Josquin, Landi, de Milan, Byrd, Bach, Handel, Granados, Villa Llobos, are among the composers represented.  The intention has been to seek out pieces not represented in the currently published literature - a fluid task in a continuing field . . .   email via the contact page for a list.