These were all made around 1960, fifty years ago, when in free time, and also directed study time at the School of Architecture, I and fellow students prowled the city streets, sketchbooks and pens/pencils/brushes at the ready, noting what took our eye. There is no particular order here, as there was no particular plan to our prowling. 

A separate sequence follows afterwards for the Cathedral sketches.


At the bus stationHawks LaneTSt. Mildreds interiorTLondon RoadT




6 Hawks LaneT9 Hawks LaneTHawks Lane furnitureTOrchard StreetTRoper HouseTSt. MildredsTKings SchoolTThe WestgateT





Less than 50 years later I saw some of the demolition of the shop and offices being erected at the bus station in 1960 (that sketch was done on a fearfully cold winter afternoon - my hands were stiff with cold!).  The Orchard Street corner shop illustrated is now (2011) occupied by a solicitors office. The original clearlights over the doors in Hawks Lane were rather fragile, and have been replaced.