Signs of connections with all the visual world

The subpages display vsuals of places and other themes, in the forms of my own sketches and drawings, and photographs taken by me and by others, including two sequences of photographs taken by an ancestor, great-great-uncle Edward Holmes Jewitt in the latter part of the 19thC and in 1900. So here is a link with a world long vanished. These old photos are displayed in the subpage E.H.J.'s places.

The largest subpage is my places, which displays a somewhat random collection of sketches and photographs representing where I have lived, stayed or visited over the years, including Rome, East Africa, and various places in the UK. The heading strip appearing throughout this website is derived from a photograph of the view from the kitchen window of the first flat (appartment) I lived in in Birmingham, England, from 1995-2009. 

I hope visitors to these pages will find something to enjoy in these images.  They reflect, of course, something of the outlook, or character, of I who chose to take the photo, or draw the picture.