Shulamit Elson. BEYOND WORDS–SACRED SOUNDS OF THE TREE OF LIFE. CD: 49'. SoulSongs Publishing, 2005.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Aug. 2005

This is the latest of Shulamit Elson’s CDs, consisting of ten tracks of her own toning based on the Hebrew vowel sounds, all related to the “Sefirot, or Gates of Divine Connection written about in the Kabbalah.”  Read more


Colin Poppleton. THE DRUMHARP COLLECTION. 10 CDs. The Drumharp Collection, 2003.  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Jan. 2004

"...  This illusive source of pure natural harmonics is phenomenal and at times quite breath-taking.”  Read more


Julian Anderson. IMAGIN'D CORNERS, première, March 2002, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra / conductor Sakari Oramo. Reviewed in First Performances, Tempo 221, July 2002, pp44-5.

Few readers will not be aware of Julian Anderson's burgeoning presence in the English new music scene. ...


Edward Rushton. PALACES, première, Dec 2001, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group / conductor James MacMillan. Reviewed in First Performances, Tempo 220, April 2002, pp38-9

... the composer described this piece (a Sound Investment Commission) as a departure from his usual 'programmatic' style. ...


Linda Long. MUSIC OF THE PLANTS & MUSIC OF THE BODY. 2 CDs, 2002. [note: the current website by this name appears to have nothing to do with Linda Long's work.]  Reviewed in Music & Psyche Journal, Feb. 2003

She takes the digital data which maps the positions of atoms on all three axes of protein molecules, and transforms it into musical note sequences (tunes) via a computer program  Read more


Nicholas Hooper (guitar) & Paul Fischer (luthier). SONG OF THE FOUR TREES. Pitville Pump Room, Cheltenham, 14th July: Cheltenham Fringe Festival 1987.  Reviewed in Classical Guitar, Aug/Sept 1987?

Hooper's new work, premiered here, was commissioned by Paul Fisher with financial help from Southern Arts, and is a celebration of the luthiers art and craft, and of the beauties of the natural materials used.  Read more


The Garcia-Conway Duo, guitar & flute. The Theatre, Chipping Norton, 24th Oct. 1986.  Reviewed in Guitar Monthly, Dec 1986?

Gerald Garcia and Clive Conway gave a wide ranging programme, from English-German Handel, through Spaniards Rodrigo and Albeniz and Italian Catelnuovo-Tedesco, to traditional and contemporary Japanese represented by Miyagi and Takemitsu, rounded off by a French retreat into the near past in the musics of Ibert, Ravel and Debussy. Read more


Gerald Garcia (guitar) & Clive Conway (flute). A PROGRAMME OF 19th CENTURY MUSIC. The Grange Theatre. Little Tew, June 27th & 28th, 1980.  Reviewed in Guitar Monthly, Sept 1980

In a garden, among trees, in a valley at the edge of the Cotswolds. sits the 19th century Grange, where an attached barn has been converted into a tiny theatre.  We were shown an original Panormo of 1838. together with a copy by Paul Fischer, eminent luthier, constructed to give power more suited to the (small) concert hall, rather than the withdrawing room.  Read more