This is the website of Clement Jewitt, PhD: composer, writer, etc.


Owing to concerns of unwarranted intrusions either to this site or to my email client, the CONTACT PAGE has been reworked to a non-automatic design.  Requests for music scores, articles etc, can be made via that page.  Some articles are uploaded to and elsewhere, indicated on the relevant page.  Music recordings are just samples - Clement welcomes interest contacts.


Here are and will be information on my musical activities, together with writings, pictures (sketches etc.), photographs, and other material relating to interests and creative work other than the musical.  The Galleries page awaits renewal.


My written words

Use the navigation on the left to select which type of writings you wish to explore.  Of course I realise that even enthusiastic web browsers will balk at reading most (or all) of my stuff.  But you never know, there might be something unexpected here for you! 

And it is all rather varied—articles on a range of subjects; personal accounts of experiences; an unfinished book on a trip to E.Africa; reviews; hard nosed conference proceedings, my PhD thesis.  There is even a ghost and an SF story, and a wacky dream fragment.

If you don't look, you might miss something . . .


Publication news

May 2012. A version of my article Ourselves and Other Animals is published in Quaker Voices 3/3


Music news

2016/17.  Current composition work: a reworking and major extension as an orchestral work to Knit up the ravell'd Sleeve of Care; reworkings of some songs for baritone voice. See Compositions page

February 2015.  A professionally created CD is issued, containing 3 of my string quartets and some quartet accompanied songs.  The Astaria String Quartet perform, together with Wendy Nieper, soprano.

May 2012. My wind quintet "But We Must Still be Seeking" is published by ArtifexMusic.

My 70th Birthday Concert - details here

Endorsement, March 2011. From Steven Lloyd-Gonzalez, Conductor. The text can be read here